BIMStyle History

Before the inception and recognition of the BIMSTYLE technique in 2019, I, Bimo Sekti Kuncoro from Indonesia, was introduced to the art of knife throwing in September 2017 by one of my cousins who had prior experience in this field. I embarked on my journey of learning to throw knives independently. Armed with the knowledge my cousin imparted and information gleaned from videos on platforms like Facebook and YouTube, I learned how to grip a knife tightly and apply full force. However, due to my limited strength at the time, my shoulder sustained an injury that continues to affect me to this day.

This injury nearly led me to abandon knife throwing. Yet, my passion for this art drove me to reconsider. I realized that if knife throwing relied solely on brute strength, I might never succeed given my limited physical power. This line of thinking extended to include individuals of all backgrounds, regardless of strength or gender. I questioned whether elderly individuals could also partake in this practice.

With renewed determination, despite my persistent shoulder injury, I turned to instructional videos on Facebook and YouTube once more. It was during this time that I came across the concept of a "loose grip," with the index finger playing a crucial role in controlling the knife's movement. However, due to language barriers, I initially misunderstood the index finger's role as pushing the knife. Although challenging, I persisted in using only my index finger, and my enthusiasm and hope for knife throwing were rekindled.

This modified technique, which we now refer to as G1, shifted my focus from using muscles to relying on joints. In my opinion, the joint-based approach worked better for me and suited my body. I learned to trust my body over my mind, and this newfound mechanism felt incredibly comfortable.

As I consistently applied these modified movements, I encountered varying reactions from people. Many underestimated and even mocked my throwing style, while others expressed genuine interest and surprise. In 2019, the nickname "BIMstyle" emerged, coined not by me but by the many who dubbed it "Bimo Style." Eventually, this evolved into "BIMSTYLE," a reference to "BIM KNIVES." Beyond Indonesia's borders, this technique gained recognition as a knife throwing method created by Bimo, an acknowledgment I was unaware of at the time.

During this period, numerous individuals expressed a desire to learn this technique, both within and outside of Indonesia. My motivation was simple: to assist anyone who wished to participate, showing that physical strength did not define one's ability to enjoy knife throwing. My own experience with a shoulder injury, which allowed me to apply this technique at only around 60-70%, further fueled my enthusiasm. I hoped that those who adopted this method could surpass my achievements.

Over time, I coined "BIM" as an abbreviation for "BOOST IN MOMENTUM," which aligns perfectly with this technique's focus on utilizing and enhancing momentum through a sequence of joint movements. It was then that I began to appreciate the shoulder injury I had endured, as it led to the creation of a technique that not only benefited me but also allowed others to savor the art of knife throwing.

~ Bimo Sekti Kuncoro